Frequently asked questions

1 What are the current restrictions regarding Covid 19?  For the latest information from the NZ Health authorities please follow this link

2 Where do your walks depart from? Our 9.30am and 10am walks depart from the iSITE Visitor Centre Wakefield St at Cuba St. Find us on Google Maps.

3 Where should I park?  Kerbside parking has a 2 hour maximum time, so the best option is to use a parking building near the start of the walk. These are at Lombard St, Reading Centre Cable St or at Te Papa.

4 How long before the departure time do I need to arrive at the start point?  We prefer you to arrive 10 min before departure. 

5 What is the charge for children?  There is no charge for children aged 16 or under if accompanied  by an adult.

6 Do your walks operate regardless of the weather?  Our guides are a hardy lot and will take guests on a walk regardless of the weather. Dress for the elements, and the guide will modify the route so as to maximise shelter.

Click here for Wellington weather details

7 Are the walks wheelchair accessible?  Our regular daily walk at 10am is not currently accessible by wheelchair due to building work in the Civic Square. When this work is complete access will again be possible.

The 9.30am Cruise ship Heritage /cable car walk is not suitable for people in wheelchairs or with mobility issues.

8 Is there time for a coffee break on the walk?  Unfortunately there is not time for a break on our regular walk. The only exception is the 9.30am  Heritage/cable car walk which has a break at the Rose Gardens.

9 Do your walks include a ride in the cable car?  Our regular morning walk passes the lower terminal of the cable car, which guests can travel on after the walk if desired. The 9.30am  Heritage/cable car walk does include the cable car.

10 Are there any admission fees on the walk?  Wellington’s museums and galleries are free entry.  However all the attractions would gratefully receive any donations. On the Heritage/cable car walk the cable car fee is included.

11 How many guests are in the walking groups?  For  the 10am walk we will endeavour to keep groups at a maximum of 15 people. For the 9.30am Heritage walk we endeavour to have a maximum of 8 people for one guide.

12 I am arriving on a cruise ship that does not dock in time for me to get to your morning Heritage/Cable car walk. Is there anything you can do for me?  Please contact us at and we will try to arrange for a walk at a time that suits your schedule.

13 What happens if my cruise ship schedule is changed so that I am unable to take a pre-booked walk?  Contact us so that we can arrange a full refund. Do not contact the booking agency.

14 If I am arriving on a cruise ship and have booked, can I bring additional guests?  Yes this is possible as long as your booking has been paid for, and space is available. The additional guests will have to pay the guide directly, in cash, $NZ only.

15 What languages do you provide for?  Our guides speak English only.

16 How far is Te Papa from the end of the walk?  Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand’s national museum, is between Cable Street and the waterfront, east of the centre of the city. Our walks finish in the Government Precinct at the north of the city. The best and most convenient route to Te Papa is a pleasant walk along the waterfront which will take about 25 minutes. Your guide will show you the route on a map.

17 Can your guides give recommendations on places to eat and further activities?  Our guides will assist you to ensure that the rest of your time in Wellington an enjoyable experience.

18 Do I need a special card to use the buses?  The bus drivers and train ticket collectors will take cash and give change as necessary. The cost for a one zone centre city bus ride is $2.50.

There is also a Day Pass which can be purchased after 9am from the bus driver and can be used for the rest of the day.  The 3-zone pass applies to all Metlink buses within Wellington CBD and suburbs.  It costs $10 and covers an adult plus an accompanied child under 16. 

Go to the website for timetables, routes and journey planner.

19 Are masks required to be worn?  At the current Covid setting masks must be worn inside healthcare facilities and pharmacies.

20. Being a not for profit group, what is the entry fee used for?  Our surplus funds, after expenses, are donated back to other not for profit groups in Wellington city, who help enhance the experience of visitors. 

Any further questions?

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